3D Laser Scanning

ABC Supply Co. Inc. | Kansas City, MO

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WNA utilizes 3D scanning as a collaborative time saving tool.  3D scanning is an amazing collaboration tool, allowing clients to show stakeholders, people of interest, really anyone they feel needs to see the scanned location. At any time, the designers or architects can revisit the location virtually, take measurements, check for potential issues, and see items of concern and or interest.  The capturing of all data in existing structures means no more forgotten information, no more having to go back because of information not taken during the initial meetings, no more down time or guessing due to human error.  With the virtual walk through, literally anyone who needs to be on-site can go whenever or wherever they are.

WNA scans all sizes and types of existing structures, ranging in size from 1000 sq/ft to 700,000sq/ft.

3D scanning has no limitation when it comes to the type of structure needing scanned.  WNA has scanned 100+-year-old residential structures, commercial retail spaces for redevelopment, large commercial spaces that are being redeveloped, extra-large warehouse spaces 200,000 sq/ft that are being rethought into new spaces.  WNA has even worked with local companies to record and locate oil and gas well-head information. 

No matter the type or facility or the size, WNA can help you record, and design your future needs.

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